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Since you as the reader are likely to be an educator of some sort, you may be looking for some kind of mission statement on this page. Please don't strain your eyes hunting, as you'll not find much more than the sub-banner that's run since day one of the site, "...dedicated to...hmmm, we're still figuring that one out..." I'm not much into mission statements, or, for that matter, committee meetings, multiple school improvement strategies and programs, Mac or PC bashing, ...

Okay, let's start again.

Educators' News began operation on April 18, 2001, to take up the slack when Tom McKenna ceased updating his excellent G3 All-in-one Stop Shop site. Tom's site had gone far beyond being a machine specific nuts and bolts site. It had become a "watering hole" type gathering place for many educators from both the Mac and Windows platforms. With Tom having the crazy idea that he should be permitted some form of a personal life instead of dedicating all his free hours to doing postings on a noncommercial site, the previous gang of visitors began to aimlessly roam the internet seeking educational sustenance.

At the time, I'd just wound up paid writing gigs at the MacTimes News Network and Low End Mac. Thinking I had tons of spare time and as a "service" to the "siteless" folks mentioned above, I launched Educators News'. Unlike Tom, I had no compunctions about splashing advertising all over the site to the extent that content might be difficult to find. Over the years, affiliate advertising usually provided enough revenue to cover a couple Tootsie Roll Pops each quarter.

Our latest rescue - TuxItems that appeared on Educators' News were simply what I thought might be important to fellow educators, usually relevant educational columns and editorials, classroom tips, and software I found useful in the classroom. Readers often helped by sending in news stories they've found on the internet or in their local newspaper, and more importantly, their favorite technology tool for the classroom. I didn't run everything that was sent to me...never promised to. And I often put a very personal spin on what was posted. It was my site, so I got to say what I wanted (within the limits of the law, of course). I really did try to present a balanced look at the daily educational news...from a Mac-toting, bleeding-heart liberal, Christian educator's point of view.

After a couple years, I put EdNews on the back burner when my classroom caseload became overwhelming and later after I took early retirement and went to work for a local college. When I really retired a few years later, I waited a whole weekend before re-opening Educators' News as a daily news site. But being out of the classroom made what I had to say increasingly less relevant to classroom teachers struggling to do their job in the face of "reforms" generated by non-educators being imposed on them. So I closed up shop on April 18, 2012, focusing now on being a garden writer, househusband, and chief cat herder for all my wife's many "rescues."

To the folks who were regular readers and contributors (and yes, even critics) of EdNews, I offer my sincere thanks.

My online bio is on the Who's He page with a more gardening oriented one on Senior Gardening's About page.

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