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A division book to complete the MATH DITTOS 2 series has been under development in for some time. Development of such materials is often dependent upon the needs of my students, and, of course, my time and interest in the particular project. For several years, none of "my kids" required such a specialized and time consuming approach to learn how to divide.

Division Cluster 16

I was originally seduced into following the cluster approach of MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled ADDITION & SUBTRACTION for Special Learners in the division book, but after considerable effort found that to be a blind alley. The clusters sure looked good, so they may find their way into Fact Controlled Division at some point. Unfortunately, I just couldn't make the concept work in a teachable fashion for all of division. I'm also not sure special learners could handle the abstraction of the cluster concept with multiplication and division. It works pretty well for them with addition and subtraction, but...

page 4

Enough of the excuses and on to what is there.

The division book will follow a task analysis similar to Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION. If it works as hoped, it will provide both a fact controlled approach to division along with a very strong review of multiplication facts. Early pages in the series show the conversion of multiplication facts to division facts. Some kids seem to need the multiplication facts shown, while others gravitate to the division boxes!

page 5

fcd6 or ??

Despite some earlier problems using the cluster approach, I have finally found a place for it in the division workbook. I'm still not sure how it will fit into the total concept of the division workbook. The clusters may be an integral part, or may simply be used in one of the peripheral, supplemental sections.

Answer sheets will continue to offer complete answers, allowing teachers and students to diagnose where errors occur and correct them.

fcd6 or ?? key


Some later pages show both multiplication and division facts, while others use a total multiplication fact support approach. 

Click on any of the page images to see a full size PDF of the pages. If you have the Acrobat plug-in loaded into your browser's plug-in folder, the page will display in the browser. If not, the page will download and can be viewed with Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.


Since I took early retirement in 2004, my test group for development evaporated. I'm still plugging away on this one, but it may be a long time before a full release is available. Rather than make everyone wait, I have released a portion of this workbook that deals with two-digit divisors.

Download MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled DIVISION for Special Learners (221K)

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