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MSDWT Manuscript is a slant print handwriting font for both Macintosh and Windows. It includes the basic upper and lower case alphabet as it's taught in many schools, and a few special characters. While not a "finished" font such as those from the big font houses, it is unique and has proved useful for handwriting and spelling papers for my students.

MSDWT Manuscript was created from an old handwriting packet I've had for years from a school corporation I used to work for in Indianapolis. I scanned it into the computer and used Fontographer 4.1 to autotrace and fine-tune it. It still needs a lot of work. Don't be dismayed by the screen fonts--they're pretty rough! The print version is much, much better.

MSDWT Manuscript

This font is shareware/charityware. If you keep and use this font, please send a donation of $5 (or more) to:

Assemblies of God World Mission
1445 N. Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

Please make checks payable to AGWM with Account #295508 on the memo line. You can also donate online at:

You may download the full version of MSDWT from the links below.

Macintosh TrueType and Type 1 Versions (171K) reposted 6/16/2000

Windows TrueType Version (112K) reposted 6/16/2000

For some examples of how this font can be effectively used in the classroom, see:

Teacher Tools 1: AppleWorks

Teacher Tools 4: A Roll-Your-Own Spelling Program

Update (5/11/2009)

I've gotten back to playing around with this font a bit and added a few characters and cleaned up some spacing issues. I've packaged the "improvements" into beta release downloads. Since this font's intended use has always been for handwriting papers, I've left the previous release in place, as the spacing changes might really mess up documents you may have created for your students.

MSDWT Manuscript 2.0.3b (56K) for Macintosh

MSDWT Manuscript 2.0.3bw (53K) for Windows


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