Busman's Holiday
About the Busman's Holiday Series
by Steve Wood





The title Busman's Holiday comes from the old story that has many variants.

  • What does a postman do on his day off? He goes for a walk.
  • What does a bus driver do on his day off? He goes for a ride on a bus.
  • What does a columnist do on his day off? He writes another column!

The Busman's Holiday series was an outgrowth of a regular weekly column I did for the now defunct MacTimes News Network, "That other Steve..." from August, 1998 to January, 1999. During a period when MacTimes was having some agonizing growing pains, I took a self-imposed leave-of-absence, and began the Busman's Holiday series as an independent column. When I returned to MTN, I decided to continue making an occasional independent posting and found them well-received by the general Macintosh audience.

I moved on from MacTimes, due to an increasing case load at school and more growing pains at MTN, took some time off from publishing (but not writing) columns, and came back the next fall with the View from the Classroom series on the Low End Mac site (1999-2000). I took View back to my own MATH DITTOS 2 domain the next year for my education related columns and resumed publishing non-educational columns under the Busman's Holiday name.

One of the recurring subjects of many of my columns was the Macs I worked with at school, some in my classroom and some in other's classrooms, and at home. The long-running independent posting of the SE Saga was one of the most read columns on my site. The illustrated teardown column about the Mac 7500 (and 7200-7600 series) now ranks as the all time most popular column from Busman's Holiday.

When I retired from teaching in 2004, I went to work for a higher education institute for three and a half years. During that time almost all of my writing was work for hire. Postings to View from the Classroom ceased entirely and only five columns were posted under the Busman's Holiday name. I did a ton of tech writing over those years, mostly dealing with how-to's for using the Moodle course management system in the classroom.

Now that I'm once again either unemployed or retired, I hope to do more with Busman's Holiday. I hope you enjoy the series.

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