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Busman's Holiday
Two Sites I'll Miss and Others That Prosper
by Steve Wood
April 13, 2001



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Some time ago Mac Publishing LLC announced that the last vestige of MacWEEK magazine, the MacWeek.com web site, was being "consolidated" into MacCentral and MacWorld. Other writers such as MacWeek's Andrew Gore and MyMac Online's Tim Robertson have ably chronicled the passing of both the magazine and the web site. Like many others, the day my copy of MacWEEK appeared in the mailbox, my family knew I'd be off in MacLand for the evening, devouring the magazine cover to cover. I can only add my thanks to those who contributed to MacWEEK for the years of wonderful reading.

Another of my favorite web sites, Tom McKenna's G3 All-in-one Stop Shop, will no longer be updated after April 24, 2001. Tom's site has been the gathering place for All-in-one owners (and others) who were constantly pushing their machines to the limit. The site excelled at posting All-in-one owners' questions about their machines. Usually, a wealth of valuable suggestions and answers would appear in the following days.

Since the All-in-one was an education-only model, most of Tom's readers had some connection to education. The site became a gathering place for Mac educators and the folks running Mac networks at schools. The G3 All-in-one was available to schools from March to September, 1998, for around $1599 for the 233 MHz model. Unlike the iMac, the Artemis utilized a Gossamer (beige G3 minitower or desktop) motherboard complete with an upgradeable chip, three PCI slots, floppy drive, an extra bay for the optional Zip drive, and the AV personality card.

While the All-in-one's sales life was short, its proponents and users flocked to Tom's site since its inception in June, 1998. In time, many AIO owners went on to newer, faster Macs. Tom always was willing to post owner info on the prospective sale of their All-in-one, as the machine remained rare and premium priced until recently. Although Tom remained faithful to his All-in-one for some time, last summer he was first tempted with a Cube before succumbing to the allure of a G4/450MHz MP.

After selling his Artemis and with news from readers dwindling, Tom thought it time to establish some closure of his commendable efforts. He had to pick a date and selected a month after the release of Mac OS X to give his readers time to work out the kinks involved with any 1.0 (10.0) release. I didn't discover the site until late 1998, long after the All-in-one was discontinued. But since that time, I found some 183 messages to and from Tom McKenna in my Claris Emailer database. Tom is one of the Mac savvy educators and network specialists whom I frequently ask for input or to critique ideas for columns.

I'll really miss The G3 All-in-one Stop Shop, as I found it to be one of my few "daily reads." I hope that another site will emerge as a similar gathering place for we educators who prefer to use Macs.

With the passing of some sites, others prosper. This month Dan Knight is celebrating the 4th anniversary of Low-End Mac. Recently, Low-End was added to MacSurfer's Headline News Information section, a select group of sites "Updated multiple times daily, as needed..." by MacSurfer. Dan has also just released the results of his Best of the Mac Web survey. The links included should keep any Mac news junkie happily clicking away for hours.

One of my other "daily reads" appeared to disappear from the web this week! As the Apple Turns simply disappeared off the web when I clicked my usual link. Only last Tuesday evening, to my relief, did I find that ATAT's DSL provider had messed things up. In the interim MacAddict has been carrying ATAT's usual content. As the Apple Turns is to Mac web sites what Dilbert and Non Sequitur are to the newspaper!

The columns section of this web site has seemingly acquired the death rattle that afflicts many other currently inactive Mac sites. While the spirit is still here, the time simply isn't. That may change soon, as I've eagerly watched Apple Education's oft repeated empty promises begin to blossom recently into actual action. I'm working on a couple of education related columns for the View from the Classroom series that may actually get posted sometime this spring. 

Odd thoughts while shaving between paragraphs:

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of email I receive concerning columns I've written on the Mac IIfx and the Performa/LC 575. The IIfx has been out of production for nine years and the 575 for six years. Even so, I regularly receive emails about upgrading and using both machines from folks who sound as if they intend to put their machines into regular service.

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