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MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION for Special Learners is a unique, freeware tool for teaching multiplication. It is a sequential, ground up, approach to multiplication with fact support, much like a controlled vocabulary in reading. Each page includes fact bars which present only the facts to be used on the page. Both special learners and regular education students benefit from its thorough and systematic approach.

FCM 63FCM 63 KeyNinety-nine blackline masters comprise the basic package. Each page contains a factstrip or factbar presenting and previewing the facts to be used on the page. Worksheets follow a logical and thorough progression through the operation of multiplication computation. A matched full-size set of ninety-nine complete answer sheets is also included. Sub-answers are always included, so teachers may do what they've been trained to do: diagnose and teach.

Additional support pages include:

• Grid overlays on two and three-digit multiplier problems to help students organize their answers.
• "No Fact" pages employing restricted facts, but no fact bars.
• Speed Drill Worksheets: Twenty-one pages of fact drills include single and multiple-fact pages that parallel the fact progression in MD2.
• Small flash card masters are included for duplication and student use. These are just the right size to fit in a pocket and stand at least a 50-50 chance of actually making it home with your students.
• Large flash card masters, ideal for in-front-of-the-class drill.

Presented in the cross-platform Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf), the MATH DITTOS 2 series is available for download and use with the free the free Adobe Reader. Also available for online use are the same files packaged as an Adobe Portfolio.

Standard Adobe Reader view Portfolio View
Standard Adobe Reader View Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION Portfolio in Safari

Download MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION for Special Learners (2.5 MB PDF Document - version 4.0)

View MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION for Special Learners as an Adobe Portfolio in the Adobe Reader or in your web browser (with appropriate browser plug-in installed). Note that the portfolio file is 3.4 MB in size and may take a few minutes to load, but it's a great way to look around inside the files and see if there's something you can use.

MATH DITTOS 2: Fact Controlled MULTIPLICATION for Special Learners is now freeware. Feel free to download, use, and share these materials. Do note that these workbooks are still covered by U.S. Copyright registration. Any use beyond classroom (or homeschool) instruction requires prior consent, massive royalty payments, your left pinkie finger...

Actually, if you find that you like the series and find it useful, please come back to our Affiliate Advertiser page when you're going to order something online. Clicking through one of our links won't cost you any more than if you'd gone directly to the vendor, and it will help support the MD2 series. Thanks!

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Last updated 6/30/2012
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