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Many of my columns have dealt with vintage Mac computers, so it's only logical that I at least try to provide a few links for folks trying to find software that still works on vintage Macs. As the years pass, it's getting steadily more difficult to find programs for pre-OS X Macs.

Here are some actual archives that you can search for older software. As of this update to this page, I'm having better luck finding old Mac software on the Tucows site than anywhere else.

Tucows Info-Mac

Low-End Mac
Software Downloads
GiantMike's OLD Shareware
UMICH Apple Computer
Systems 6-7.5.3
The Macintosh Repository

If you've previously visited this page, you may have noticed that the table above continues to get smaller, as private Mac archives die off. I do maintain a small archive of Classic Mac Software I have permission to post (or carried a permissive reposting notice in the ReadMe file) on our Freebies page.

The following are pages of links to software that may or may not contain their own archive.

Pure Mac Jag's House Mac GUI City
Links to older system software
FireMac The Mac Orchard
Macintosh Garden Mac Driver Museum
Mac Driver Museum on Yahoo! Groups
Low-End Mac Software
Frisky's Archive of Free Macintosh Software    

If you know of a site I've missed that is still providing software for vintage Macs, please , and I'll consider adding it to the tables above the next time I update this page.

Classic Mac OS on Intel Powered Macs

I finally got unceremoniously thrust into the Intel powered Mac world with a number of failures of some of my PowerPC Macs. Over a sixth month period, I replaced my G5 tower with a mid-2010 Mac Mini and later had to replace my 12" G4 PowerBook with a new 13.3" MacBook Pro. With the switch to Intel powered machines, running Classic apps was no longer possible as it had been with the PowerPC machines running Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger).

I went back to an emulator I'd originally and unsuccessfully tried when Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) was released (2007-2008) and found that the Sheepshaver application has become quite easy to install and use. My Mac Mini now runs System 8.1 under Sheepshaver, while the new laptop runs System 9.0.4 under the emulator.

Working with Sheepshaver is a quick writeup I did of my experience with the emulator, complete with links to essential instructions and files. I also wrote about using the emulator to build a new update for the MATH DITTOS 2 series on a rare Educators' News posting recently.

Commercial Software for Classic

With software licenses and such, I just run away from offers and discussions of preserving and sharing old, commercial Mac software. It needs to be done, but I'm not the one to do it.

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