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What is Busman's Holiday? Maybe more properly, what is a busman's holiday?

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I Love a Good Story
A lost author and a broken shareware are found--still alive and well and working.
To Upgrade or Not?
Mac OS 8.5 goes on sale Saturday, August--oops, October 17, 1998. Will the average Mac user care?
Why Can't Apple...thoughts while waiting out the OS 8.5 backorder
There are a few price breaks for Mac OS 8.5, but now availability is a question.
Other than the stabbing...
Mayhem, murder, and an LC III. No, really just a story on a "broken" LC III.

Where're we goin', Apple?
A familiar theme in my columns resurfaces due to unrest in the Mac community over the cancellation of the Cyberdog site and the lack of progress on HyperCard 3.0.

Our Power Mac 7200/75
While justly deserving of the Low-End Mac designation as a "road Apple," our 7200 has served us well.

One Way Apple Loses Educational Market Share
My school is probably going to go WinTel. Apple helped! Find out how Apple shoots itself in the foot, again!
Will Artemis Return from the Grave: Educators Hope for All-in-One Re-release!
The Artemis all-in-one is loved by the few who have one. Many more would love it if Apple would begin selling it again.
Yes, Virginia, There Are Santa Clauses
A incredibly generous gift gives rise to an idea of sharing.

The Rotten Monitor Series
People often ask me how I can like the Macintosh, but be so aserbic about Apple Computer, Inc. The columns below may explain that and why Apple may still not be back.
Customer Service: Apple Style
Apple's Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry Update
How It Came Out
Five Flavored MacEnvy
The new Apple lineup introduced at Macworld Expo will knock your socks off.
So far, this update looks pretty good!
Access for Macintosh
We really need this app added to the Mac platform.
Mac IIfx
I've always wanted a Mac IIfx. It was and is the fastest non-Power Mac ever produced. This one, now seven years old, is on the job daily.
(5/11/99 updated 8/22/99)
PowerMac 7500/G3
I got a little silly around Christmas and played Santa for the kids in my class (and me) with some "new" hardware. This upgraded 7500 has become our workhorse computer.
A Macintosh Summer Vacation
Whither summer school? Maybe just some great software will boost your kids summer learning.
(updated 6/20/2000)
Trends in Shareware
Does it seem shareware is getting more expensive? Does there seem to be less of it?

Disappearing Software
Vintage Macintosh users face the continual problem of where to find compatible software.
Something to Remember
The E-rate program wired our nation's schools for the internet. Are our schools wired for computers?
The End is Near: Backup Now!
Backing up is about as exciting as watching grass grow. But all drives eventually fail.
Orbs, Storage, and a Legacy CD
At a loss for anything worthwhile to write, I fall back on my readers' excellent comments.
Christmas in July
Here's my MacWorld Expo wishlist.
Disappearing Software, Part II
Vintage Macintosh users may soon see a software archive specifically dedicated to older Mac software.
It's a Macintosh Enigma
Ryno Software has ported Geoffrey Kloess's anti-telemarketing program.
Expo Musings
I was initially underwhelmed by Apple's new offerings at MacWorld. After a week of looking at what there was, now I'm not so sure.
OmniPage, Fred, and ...
Using OCR software to scan pages from readers can add a valuable tool for reading instruction.
My Kid Got Married Today
We gave them an iMac, but it wasn't all that easy.
Which Apple "Special Event?"
Apple Computer chose to attack several upstanding Mac web sites last week over the publication of possible Kihlei Mac photos. Is Apple continuing a series of actions that could be the beginning of another Apple death spiral?
Goodbye MacTimes: You'll Be Missed
The MacTimes domain name is up for sale as the shell of a once excellent site gives up the ghost.
Apple Store Customer Service: Grade C-
Apple isn't your friend. They're a big, unfeeling corporation dedicated to making money.
I Don't Do Reviews!
Whoa! Did someone jerk my chain?
The Last Busman's Holiday...for 1999
A little verbal walk through a year of independent columns.
A Note from Andy
Andy Ihnatko sent me an email that presents an interesting and thoughtful rebuttal to "I Don't Do Reviews!"
Illustrated Mac IIci Teardown
I spent a few days cleaning, upgrading, and generally messing around with a 25 MHz powerhouse.
The New Mac Lineup, Hmm...
Apple's new offerings leave a bit to be desired.
A Final Blast for 2000
I make a few intemperate comments on Apple's surrender of the education market as I watch my school go WinTel.
Two Sites I'll Miss and Others That Prosper
Sites come and go, but I'll really miss Tom McKenna's G3 AIO site.
Beware: MacIdiot at Work
I can try to blame it on a cool freeware, but I really mess up sometimes.
Illustrated Power Mac 7500 Teardown
My 7500/G3 gets a much needed cleaning.
The Tin Cup Syndrome
Mac sites are hanging out the tin cup for donations and subscriptions.
Write Yourself a Discount
Why not use affiliate advertising to save yourself a buck or two?
A Rant About Shopping for Freebies
Staples and OfficeMax should be ashamed!
Moving to a Blue & White
I finally gave up on the old beige and moved up to a "new" Blue & White Mac.
Goodbye Saturn
We found we weren't welcome in the Saturn family any more.
A New Computer
Steve gets his first truly new computer in over six years!
MWSF Rumors: Count Two Sales for the "Headless iMac"
If Apple does introduce a new, sub-$500 Macintosh, the old Evil NT Techie and Steve will be near the front of the line of potential buyers!
Just Another Mac Mini Column
After just ten months, I'm replacing my Mini, but not because I didn't like it.
An Ode to my "Slab-O-Mac"
It may not make sense, but I like my 12" Powerbook.

Awareness Overload
After glancing at the morning paper, I realized how negligent I'd been in missing the National Foot Health Awareness Month. (4/10/2008)

A Stroll Down Mac Memory Lane
I just wanted to test an old downloadable file, and ended up playing around in Mac OS 7, 8, and 9! (5/16/2008)
A Day Off & A New Camera
My digital camera made a quick trip down the stairs. A Nikon Coolpix P60 now serves as a quick, "inexpensive" replacement. (10/27/2008)
A Day Off & A New Camera: Part II
After two months of using my new Nikon Coolpix P60, I've found a couple of real problems and a whole lot of joys with it. (12/12/2008)
Living with Satellite Internet
I share a few experiences gleaned from three years of satellite internet use. (9/5/2011)
A Mini Takes Over
After seven years, my G5 tower failed. I replaced it with a "new" (to me) mid-2010 Mac Mini. (2/28/2012)
Troubleshooting My "New" Mac Mini
I went for a month with virtually no problems on the used Mac Mini I'd switched to. Then everything slowed down and stuff started crashing, but it was all due to some really old browser plug-ins I'd brought along to my new Mac in its setup. (3/28/2012)
Working with Sheepshaver
I 'd tried, unsuccessfully, to use Sheepshaver years ago. This time around the Classic Mac OS emulator installed flawlessly...twice. (6/27/2012)
Moving to Mountain Lion
I'm not usually an early adopter of new operating systems. But this time around, I grabbed Mountain Lion the day it was released and installed it on my new MacBook Pro. (7/28/2012)
A New Laptop: My 13.3" MacBook Pro
Just a few observations about my new MacBook Pro. (8/1/2012)

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